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We’ve partnered with BodyLogicMD–a leader in integrative wellness and pharmaceutical grade supplements–to provide our clients with an exceptional opportunity to boost revenue* and establish a competitive business advantage.

What you get when you offer BodyLogicMD 12.2.2 personalized supplement plans to your clients:

  • A passive revenue stream for your business*
  • No extra work for your team
  • No minimum orders or inventory to carry
  • A competitive edge over other gyms and fitness centers
  • A way to offer your clients added value with their fitness center membership

What your clients get with BodyLogicMD 12.2.2 personalized supplement plans:

  • 12 months of customized pharmaceutical grade supplements delivered to their door in convenient daily pill packs
  • 2 comprehensive nutritional assessments conducted through simple, at-home, proprietary metabolic testing
  • 2 virtual consultations with Registered Dieticians
  • A complementary way to achieve their fitness goals
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Based on lab test results, a customized BodyLogicMD 12.2.2 supplement plan provides the nutritional support your clients need to help:

  • Optimize energy and performance
  • Achieve personal fitness goals
  • Improve overall wellness
Make your clients' gym memberships even more valuable with BodyLogicMD 12.2.2 pharmaceutical grade supplements!


Speak to a BodyLogicMD Wellness Advocate to learn how this partnership can benefit your business.

What You Could Be Making with BodyLogicMD

Number of customers (total) you place onto program ("census")
Average number of supplements they purchase under the program ("intensity")
Average number of months your customers stay on the program ("longevity")


Commission earnings (annualized):

$36,875 During the period before you have enrolled 50 customers
$55,313 During the period after you have enrolled 50 customers or more

Our Partnership with BodyLogicMD

BodyLogicMD has been setting the standard in anti-aging and integrative wellness industries since 2003. This isn’t a new fad for us; it’s our passion and our business. We are a team of dedicated professionals working together to bring you some of the best science-backed, holistic wellness plans and high-quality supplements available today.     

BodyLogicMD proprietary metabolic testing measures over 50 biomarkers designed to evaluate nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, gut health, amino acids, muscle performance, and more.  

*This is not a guarantee of increased revenue.

Comprehensive Metabolic Testing Reveals Your Ideal Supplement Pack

There’s a lot of information out there about which nutrients are best for achieving optimal health. But why should you waste your money buying supplements that may or may not benefit your unique metabolic makeup? Physicians Lab Metabolic Performance Profile provides a comprehensive report that gives you and your Registered Dietitian a better idea of the supplements your body may need to help you thrive.

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