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Upgrade Your Supplements.
Elevate Your Wellness.
Get Started With Your At-Home Test Kit!

BodyLogicMD 12.2.2 is a Better Way to Get the Nutrients You Need 

12 Months of Supplements • 2 At-Home Lab Tests • 2 Consultations with a Registered Dietician

Scientific testing reveals just what your body needs for optimal wellness.

It all starts with an at-home test kit. Complete this proprietary metabolic testing in the privacy of your own home for a comprehensive look at your nutritional wellness.

Discuss your test results in detail with a BodyLogicMD Registered Dietician (RD) to learn how you can optimize your wellness with a custom selection of supplements. 

Get personalized supplements PLUS a Registered Dietician for less than retail cost.

A Registered Dietician recommends the supplements you need based on your test results, so you won’t waste money on supplements you don’t need. Then, 9 months after beginning your customized plan, you test again and review with the RD to see what’s working and make any necessary adjustments for optimal wellness. 

Clear your counter clutter of supplement bottles!

BodyLogicMD 12.2.2 supplements ship directly to your door in convenient daily pill packs, so you can ditch the pill bottles and clear the counter clutter! Customized daily pill packs help simplify your regimen so you know what to take, when to take it, and the perfect dosage.

Purchase At-Home Test Kit Today!
$199 gets you started with testing and a 1:1 consultation with a Registered Dietician

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Why BodyLogicMD 12.2.2 Supplements?

  • Advanced, metabolic testing analyzes over 50 wellness indicators
  • High-quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplements from reliable sources
  • Personalized for optimal wellness
  • Convenient daily pill packs shipped directly to you
  • 1:1 virtual consultations with BodyLogicMD Registered Dieticians

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results not guaranteed.

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